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Welcome to the Visual World of Rebekah Younger
and inSite Contemplative Design

Rebekah Younger's Fine Art

photography • video • digital mixed media • installation art

mindful design of interior space
because where you are affects how you are

inSite Contemplative Design Ad

Services include - Interior Redesign - Home Staging - Event and Holiday Decoration

inSite Contemplative Design is a design consulting firm, working with both business and residential clients to uplift interior space using a mindful approach that includes active listening to the client's needs, a thorough reading of all aspects of the space and surrounding environs and a highly tuned aesthetic sense.  I work to harmonize all the interdependent aspects to create a synergistic environment designed to heighten awareness, create a sense of wellbeing and enriching presence for the occupants.  I work with clients both regionally and nationally, combining thorough onsite documentation with regular internet interaction with clients and contractors and periodic site visits until the project is complete.

client's living room before Client's Living Room Progress shot
Client's living room before we began work   Progress shot of client's living room

Visit the inSite Design pages for more details, client comments and Portfolio


Contemplative Video

My approach to video is to record the magic of movement already present in the world.  The camera is still, allowing the viewer to experience the movement from a place of stillness.  This allows the mind to relax into a spacious state.  It was challenging to keep the camera still in a moving canoe, so I was grateful for the expert paddling by my husband, Guy Marsden.

This video was a collaboration with composer/percussionist Brian deAngelo from Buffalo, NY.  Brian had seen several of my earlier videos and felt I was a kindred spirit.  As a fellow outdoor enthusiast he had composed his work, "Loon", inspired by evenings spent fishing on the lakes of the Adirondacks .  My video was created in one long take without even hearing his work. We were both thrilled that the shifts in water movement echo the varying rhythms of his composition so beautifully. Enjoy!